April is such a fascinating time of the year; we are just past the spring equinox in the northern hemisphere and things are starting to wake up after their winter slumber. The equinox also heralds the season of Aries which is the official new years of the zodiac. Aries is a dynamic fire sign and brings with it the desire to pioneer, change things up and to strive forward with new projects and ideas. As April starts, this is the perfect time for a spring clean, be it of your house or your diet and lifestyle habits. Are you ready for a challenge and to grow the seeds of new health and vitality? This is the best month of the year to initiate this into physical form. If you feel you missed your chance in January, then it's time to put on your big girl pants and get to action NOW!

Ok birthday queens, it's your month and it's time to own it with all your passion and desires. The astro line up is really in your favor and it's possible to put multiple projects into action. After the watery and low energy month of March, April should be feeling like you have just had the best cup of coffee of your life and you are ready to conquer the world. What do you want your health and vitality to feel like this year? The first half of the month is planning time, journal, setting out your ideas and visions for what you are wanting to create and my mid months new moon. It will be time to plant the seeds and take action. It’s a month to celebrate you in all your passion and drive. Just remember that you do need to sleep and eat as well as conquer the world. Adaptogen herbs such as matcha, ashwagandha, the ginsengs and schisandra can all help to stoke your Aries fire, or the B vitamins and magnesium can help to keep you running at 110%.  

Sometimes Aries season can all feel a bit too much for the steady bull with its crazy fire and energy making you feel rushed and unsettled. The energy for the first half of the month can feel like you have had too much caffeine and can’t get to sleep.  It's best to do a bit of unplugging from society and use this extra energy on the home front, a physical spring clean of your home and your emotions is a great way to channel this excess. Are there things coming up for you that you normally don’t pay much attention to? Now is the time to realign and reset before your birthday month arrives. Some extra nutrients found in citrus, berries and green juices can be an internal cleansing start to the month as you assess what is to be kept and what can be released with thanks back to the universe. The new moon at mid-month will help you feel more settled and grounded. Take the time to do your inner work this month and by May you will be feeling like re-engaging in the social upswing of spring. Nettle or dandelion tea can be a great spring cleansing tea for this month’s energy.

Are you ready to get your ‘social’ on? This month’s energy has you shaking off the blankets and getting social like you have not done in a while. It's time to connect with your tribe be it in person or online, its time to lock back in and enjoy the vibe. April brings with it a sense of joy and connection that will make any Gemini feel like they have their groove back after the long and sometimes lonely winter. Venus also brings her energy to your social scene and this can be a soothing balm of love and pleasure. You just need to remember that you do have a physical body as well, that needs taking care of. With the Sun in Aries you can feel like there is no need to sleep or rest, but this can soon catch up with your high wired nervous system. Olive oil, raw seeds and nuts, coconut oil and some good B vitamins will help to stabilize your tired but wired nervous system as you blaze through this month of high energy. Try to get 8 hours of sleep and don’t overdo the alcohol, adding in some magnesium rich leafy greens won’t go astray either.

Aries season can feel a shock to the system after the month of swimming in dreamy Pisces. As one of the beautiful water signs, Cancer can feel a bit flustered with all the fire and energy rushing about.  This month’s energy sees a focus in the career and vocation sector of your chart. What new projects and plans do you want to grow? The vibes are high this month for putting those plans into action, just make sure it's not a month of all work and no play. Remember your body and health are also a work in progress and some time out to focus on how you want your body to feel is important. It’s a great month to walk your talk with your health and wellbeing. Spring brings with her the energy to make the health changes you have wanted to do for quite a while, the energy of April will give you the courage and passion to get this underway. Visualize what your end goal is and work backwards to see the small steps you need to take to get there. Green juices, smoothies, and a bit of a detox to shake off the cobwebs of winter will have you feeling fabulous in no time. Spirulina, matcha and wheat grass can all be of assistance while in your spring cleansing mode.  

How good does the Spring and Aries energy feel? With the Sun in fellow fire signs it is a great month for Leo’s to feel dynamic and fabulous. April brings a wonderful energy to your life with adventures, action, and insight all part of the mix. It is time to start a new exercise or get the running shoes out of the closet after the long and cold winter. New vitality is yours for the taking you just need to start your engine and grab life with both hands. This month’s new moon at mid-month see’s you making bigger plans than you have been able to for the last year, dream big, put things into action and watch the results roll in. Health wise it's all about getting moving and a good sweat up. What sports and activities make you feel fantastic and alive? What new activities have you always wanted to learn? Lots of exercise means burning lots of energy and refueling after training is a must to keep your energy high. Protein foods are in order to keep your muscles happy but don’t forget how important some good carbohydrates are after exercise as well, be it whole grains, fruits and vegetables. Your body will be craving springs bounty of leafy greens and bright colors to give it enough magnesium and other micronutrients. 

This month’s dynamic and fiery energy see’s a focus on the hidden aspects of your life. What areas have you been keeping private and under wraps that needs some of your attention and illumination? You are great at keeping things organized, in control and flowing smoothly but the rushing of spring may upset your balance and bring with it a shake up of things that no longer serve you. What emotions and deep desires do you need to bring out of the hidden areas of your life and into the warmth of spring? This can feel a bit overwhelming to reveal so much of yourself but by mid-month you will see how much this has cleared your path to create new projects and endeavors. As you deep cleanse the stagnant areas of your life it’s a good time to deep clean your health as well.  The focus is on digestion and more specifically the small and large intestines. How is your sensitive digestion going? Does it need some help with a probiotic or extra fiber? Make sure to add in some of the springs amazing leafy greens and sprouts to add those extra micronutrients to nourish your nervous digestive system.  Lemon and ginger tea, lemon balm and nettle tea can all be great at this time.

So, my gorgeous scales of balance what have you been up to? Aries month can feel a bit fast and chaotic for you so make sure you don’t run yourself into overdrive and hit the wall with exhaustion. Opposite to the amazing scales of balance the Aries energy is all about self, pioneering and leaping before you look. I know that all sounds a bit much at times but there are things to learn from your shadow self. This month’s new moon activates the relationship sector of your chart. What I want to challenge you to do this month (did you see that Aries word challenge that I used there) is to do some self-care before you do ‘other care”. Take some time to nourish and rejuvenate yourself first, you will feel more grounded, centered, and then will have energy for those around you be it romantic or family and friends. So, what does a self-care month look like? Long baths with bubbles or yummy essential oils like lavender and sandalwood. Eating to nourish your body such as stir fry, leafy greens, mushrooms, and some healthy protein to balance your blood sugar levels. Herbal teas to give you an energy boost such as green tea, matcha, rosehip and ginger. Find the time to write/create a vision board as we enter spring and feel renewed. What do you want to create over the next 3 months of spring, what in your life be it relationships or projects do you want to see grow from seed to sapling? You have the universe flowing with you this month so time to take advantage of it! 

Wow is this going to be a dynamic month for the ever strong Scorpios. With the new moon in your routine, health and hard work sector its time to get down to business and create what you want life to feel like. It’s a month to look at the details of how you take care of yourself on a daily basis and up your health game. What routines have you been wanting to start but have not gotten around to yet? April is your time to initiate action. Make a list, create a plan and then use this dynamic and action-packed energy to start it all. Digestive health needs a little love while you are at it so when writing that list make sure to include good hydration, enough fiber to keep the intestines happy and a few salad greens and stir fry’s too. Buy yourself a new bento box to inspire you to create healthy lunches and a new water bottle to make you feel special.  The full moon by month's end is in your home sign so all the plans put into place at the start of April should see some stunning results by the 26th. Dream big, work hard and the results will speak for themselves. 

What’s not to love about the energy of Aries for fellow fire sign Sag. This month see’s you full steam ahead, riding the wave of good vibes and almost unlimited energy gifted to you by the new moon in your creativity and passion sector of your chart. What visions do you want to create and bring manifest into the physical realm? This is the month to do it and then some. Plant those seeds and see what grows by month's end, it is likely to be impressive. Dance, sing and let loose a bit as long as it's about movement and pleasure. By month's end you will want to do a bit of hibernation and dreaming as the energy dips into your more esoteric and inner realms. Iron rich foods, citrus fruits, and immune boosting teas such as echinacea, elderberry and nettle can assist along the way. Not too much alcohol and some dandelion coffee to support your liver will also help. Have fun, just not TOO much. 

Ok my hardworking goats, now that we are out of dreamy soft Pisces and into Aries season it's time to get going, take stock of what you have done so far this year and vision what you want to grow and create for the next 3 months. As the last bits of winter disappear and the energy starts to rise its time to get you seeding and planning for the year ahead. Your home environment is under the spotlight and how the energy flows within this space. Is it time for a serious spring clean and a good pantry detox? You need to think of your body as your home environment as well and how you want to nurture this for future wellness. Make a list/action plan for what you want to get done at home and with your body for future inspiration and goals. Start with 3 or 4 major changes and ride the fire energy of this season to get into gear. Warming teas such as ginger, chai, turmeric are great to bring the energy up your spine and into the head, warming stir fry’s, kimchi and probiotic foods will help to stabilize the home ‘microbiome’ environment. Baby steps but keep walking, you are going in the right direction. 

This is going to be a fun start to spring for the water bearer. With the dynamic Aries energy focusing on your communication and study sector of your chart it's time to explore some new ideas about your health and energy levels. What do you think you need to change regarding your health and exercise routine and how can you initiate these into physical reality? Do you need to get more movement happening with your physical body rather than it always being your brain that is on high speed? Actions taken now will have huge benefits not just for your physical health, but your work and outer life will also benefit with your increased vitality. Nervous system support is on the agenda for you and April is no exception. Lots of magnesium rich greens, B vitamins and omega 3 foods and oils are just what your batteries need to keep running on high speed. New forms of sport or mindfulness can also inspire you as the seasons change and you can find your new ‘groove’. 

This month sees you needing to ground and rest after your busy birthday month and big energy expenditure. The new moon brings energy into the grounding part of your chart where you would benefit from getting outside and nourishing yourself with mother nature. Gardening, hiking and other forms of gentle movement will feel wonderful without over taxing your more sensitive nature. There are big dreams and adventures to be planned but you also need to keep your feet on the ground. It can be a month where it's hard to eat and drink and many social events/festivities can be calling you to indulge. Be wise with your decisions, have the treats now and then but not every day. Some good liver cleansing foods high in fiber and B vitamins can help buffer some of the load you have been putting on your body.  The broccoli family as well as some ginger and garlic won’t go astray.  Have fun but remember that your body needs to feel as good as your social calendar does.