Well, we made it through the crazy of 2021 and now we get to step into a whole new year!

With astrology, there’s the gift of looking ahead at the energies that we’ll encounter. I think of this almost as a type of magic. Though you can never truly predict what exactly will happen, you can get a sense of the energies that will help shape the year ahead. 2022 is starting with some beautiful energies around us. January brings with it many changes that I think we’re ready for, but also some curve balls. After all, we don’t want the game to get too easy!

During the last days of December the planet Jupiter, which rules abundance, growth, and expansion, moved into Pisces. Jupiter will stay in Pisces for most of 2022, creating a positive feeling we haven’t felt for quite some time. Jupiter in Pisces helps us shift our energy to expansion and optimism in a sign that’s all about dreams, intuition, emotions, and a touch of escapism. We may find it easier to tap into our emotions and connect to our intuition in ways that have felt blocked or stifled for the past two years. We might really feel the feels that we need in order to find our balance in this chaotic world.

In health astrology, Jupiter rules the liver, body fat, and growth. Jupiter can give our health some good juju, providing we don’t overdo it with drinking and eating. Maybe this is my warning that we need to be careful; as we feel more, we may try to escape from what is coming up for us.  Really tapping into our emotions can be an intense experience; if we don’t know how to express those feelings we may do the Pisces escapism habit of eating or drinking our emotions.

So, I guess what I’m asking you to do is stay aware, be present with what’s happening and how you’re feeling, and you’ll slide smoothly into 2022 with some joy and abundance. If you are struggling with how you’re feeling, this Jupiter in Pisces is asking you to grow and reach out to others for help as it will be provided with ease and grace. Pisces likes to connect us all in the collective and you may find that there are many people who can help to support you in ways you never thought possible. New Year’s blessings to you all and I hope you enjoy your personal Sun sign astrology for the month. Don’t forget to also read your Moon and Rising sign astrology if you know them, as this may also be applicable. 

I am super excited for the Rams and how 2022 is going to start for you. The energies are aligning to bring abundance and action in your work and vocation sector. The new moon on the 2nd of January heralds the start of some great plans and projects, so don’t let this amazing energy pass you by. What practical steps can you take, what routines and systems do you need to set into motion to harness and grow your work/projects this year? Now is the time to journal, vision board and set out those big plans to conquer the world in the year to come. While you’re busy building your empire, the universe is also asking you to tap into your more spiritual side and reconnect yourself with your bigger visions, emotions, and intuition. 

Health wise, you need to remember that you do have a physical body while you are creating your new world order. Your immune system needs some love and support, as do your adrenals, or you’re likely to burn bright and then burn out. Ease off on the caffeine and sweets, and start your day with a great protein-based meal to keep your blood sugars in order.  Support your adrenals with B vitamins, magnesium, and herbs such as ginseng, astragalus, ashwagandha and cordyceps. Remember to sleep, journal about your future world domination and don’t overdo the festivities. 

2022 starts with some expansive energy for the Bull which may not feel familiar, but it will enable you to stretch, grow, and reach for goals you haven’t considered before. The planets are asking you to take a big picture view of 2022 and set your sights on the far horizon, rather than just the work right in front of you.  Yes, I know this can feel a bit like stepping off a high dive, but know that the water below is welcoming and supportive to your bigger plans. Once you’ve set things in motion this month, then you can go back to your domain of focusing on the baby steps and immediate issues that need attention. Communication will be flowing, so it’s good to make your connections, speak your truth and watch the energy flow. 

Your nervous system may feel a bit taxed with all this expansive energy so make sure you support it with magnesium, B vitamins, oily fish or fish oils, olive and coconut oil, and avocados, as well as raw seeds and nuts (but not too many nuts). Grounding exercises such as walking, yoga/stretching and Pilates will help to calm your nerves, as will body work such as massage, energetic healing or reflexology. 

Is your seat belt fastened tight and low? I hope so as 2022 starts with a rocket ride into your emotions, deep urges and desires, which isn’t the most comfortable of places for you. Don’t get me wrong, I know those things are potent within you but often you’d rather think about your emotions than be in them. January asks you to trim the branches of your emotional life that are no longer serving you. What things, people, activities in your life are you still doing/holding on to that you’ve outgrown? This month’s energy asks you to be a snake and shed your skin to rebirth into the new you that will feel so much lighter. The energy is strong to enable you to change up some of the poor habits that have found their way into your routine. 

Clean out the fridge, pull out the juicer and review your habits and food intake. Your body is asking for some green vegetables, and dark red fruits and berries to release the residue of the holiday festivities. Extra fibre, vegetable juices and some probiotic foods such as sauerkraut, kim chi, kombucha and other fermented foods would be fabulous for you at this time. Zinc and zinc rich foods such as sunflower seeds, oysters and red meat will also help to support your hormones and give your sex drive that added kick. 

2022 starts with a beautiful energy for the gorgeous Crabs. The new moon energy is asking for you to focus on how you do your relationships, be those with a significant other or the people in your close circle. You are a natural giver and caretaker, but this energy is highlighting how you give to others and what is given in return. There may be a bit of a cull when it comes to your close circle, but it’s for the best. Make sure you’re allowing only those into the arena that have your back and best interests in mind. The new year also brings deep and intense conversations that will nurture your emotions in a way that has been missing for the last few months. The mid-month Cancer full moon highlights how you’ve grown and changed, and gives you better insight into what YOU need for the coming year. It’s a fabulous month to sit down at the January 2nd new moon and journal your heart's desires. Plant the seeds of what you need to feel supported and balanced and then watch that energy grow over the coming months. 

Health wise you need to remember to stay hydrated even in the cold of Winter. Soups, stews, vegetable juices, warm herbal teas, and not too much caffeine will see your digestion and hormones flowing rather than congested. Make sure to reset those eating habits that may have slipped during the holiday baking season and get back to what makes you feel vibrant and light. Herbal teas such as matcha, lemon verbena, lemon balm or just lemon in hot water should be a staple this month. as should a protein breakfast to start the day with great blood sugar levels. 

Well, my gorgeous Lions this year starts with the energy to focus on the details in your life. If you harness the new moon energy on the 2nd of January correctly this will set in motion a year of achievement, and fulfillment that you have not felt for a while. The planets are asking you to attend to the details of your life, the daily habits and routines that can feel so mundane but ultimately help to build the structures to hold your dreams and projects safe. New year’s is so often about resolutions, yet for you this year it needs to be about vision boards, monthly planners, and schedules. The more you organize and plan now, the greater the rewards by mid-year. What are the things that you have been ignoring that need your attention?  

You have one of the strongest health constitutions in the zodiac, but this often means you don’t have to focus on health and wellbeing as much as others. This doesn’t serve you in the long run, as when things go wrong it’s harder for you to stop and take care of yourself. January’s energy is asking you to take stock on your health and wellbeing. What habits and foods do you need to say goodbye to and what new things can you bring into your routine to increase your vitality? Focus on the details of diet and exercise, and the rewards will be great. Your intestines and digestion need some additional support this month, so be aware of how different foods make you feel both physically and emotionally. Keep a food and symptom journal for a few weeks to see what’s really happening for you. 

Well, my diligent and organized Virgos, I’m happy to report that the start of 2022 should feel a bit lighter and more jovial than the past few months. With the new moon on the 2nd highlighting your creativity and play sector, the planets are asking you to take some time to get creative and do what you love, rather than what you must, and to find some play time activities to brighten your soul. Your energy should feel strong this month if you don’t burn the candle at both ends with work. The mid-month full moon brings with it some social energy and the need to expand your visions towards groups and humanity. What things do you want to be doing that will have an impact for your world and those around you? The start of this year brings that energy and need into focus. 

Even while saving the world, you still need to focus on your health.  This month you should focus on circulation, energy production and your nervous system. Be aware of the foods and drinks that make you feel balanced and energized vs the foods that make you feel sluggish and slow. A food and symptom diary is never a bad thing for a Virgo to reconnect with how their body and nervous system is feeling. Bitter foods, leafy greens, olives, sauerkraut and probiotic foods can all help to soothe your system. Bolster your nervous system with B vitamins, magnesium and lots of breathing exercises and stretching. 

With the energies called in at the new year, the Scales of Balance can often feel renewed and realigned.  The extremes of the seasons (winter or summer) can feel a bit overwhelming and intense for the Scales of Balance and thus the shift towards spring/autumn can feel like a welcome home. In the meantime, you still have a few months to get through. January brings with it the need to find some work/life balance with the new moon highlighting your home energies and then the full moon activating your work sector. What does all this mean? Start the month slowly, with a focus on home, family and just getting your internal and private life organized because by mid-month your life will be asking you to focus on the outer world, work and career. 

This month’s health focus needs to be about digestion and skin. Often if digestion is out the body will show its first symptoms via the skin and complexion, so it’s a great month to pay attention to that. Are you feeling dry and dehydrated? It’s not just about using a better moisturizer, instead focus on internal hydration. Good water intake, easing up on caffeine and sugar, and getting in lots of healthy oils and fats will help to support your skin. Always a sign to first notice if your digestion is out, this month is no exception so remember to keep the apple cider vinegar or digestive enzymes on hand for stomach upsets and keep the probiotic foods well stocked. 

My deep and strong Scorpios, are you ready for a month of connection, pleasure and potency? The energy at the start of 2022 has a similar feel to your home territory, so enjoy the ease into the year with an intense but pleasurable start. The new moon on the 2nd is asking you to connect with others, do some study, or just find your balance and reconnect all the parts of you that got scattered over the last few months. Call back your energy and use it for your own learning, growing and expansion.

Health wise there’s a need to support both your nervous system and your liver. Pull back on the celebrations now that the new year has come and gone, and get back to your healthier habits and better sleep schedule. Rejuvenation should be your word for the month so focus on what makes you feel fantastic, and keep doing that. Your body is also asking for some great exercise sessions, getting a good sweat up and feeling the detox and elimination channels flowing.  Hot baths, saunas, steam rooms or even a foot bath will help to get the circulation and lymphatic system in order. Warming teas such as ginger, hot water and lemon, or yarrow can all assist at this time as well. Be aware the social scene may be bigger than you want at this time, overflowing with food and drinks, but your body is asking you to exercise moderation to get you through January in one piece.

Ok my Centaurs, I know it’s been a fun and frivolous few months and the party feels like it may still be going, but come the start of 2022 it’s time to get things in order. The new moon on the 2nd brings focus on what’s most important to you and your life. What is it about your current situation that you value and what can be released back to the universe, or donated and gifted to others. There’s a need to lighten your load, and find what is deeply important, what serves you best and what is no longer of use. 

On the health front, it’s a great month to clean out the fridge, head on over to the organic store and restock your cupboards with what you love and know is supporting your health. There can be a bit of a sweet tooth this month, even if that isn’t normal for you, so be aware how often you’re having ‘just one treat’ in case it’s turning into a daily ritual. Your metabolism needs a bit of a shake up this month, so make sure your diet has sufficient iodine. Starting the day with breakfast by 9 will rev up your metabolism/digestion, and make sure you don’t turn every snack into a mini meal.  Liver herbs, dandelion coffee, protein foods at breakfast and a break from the alcohol will all serve you well to start 2022. 

Ok my gorgeous mountain climbing Goats, has the birthday month been all you hoped for so far? It’s a dynamic time in your house now; the new moon on the 2nd in your home sign highlights what you want to do, achieve and master in the month or year ahead. It’s a great time to revise what’s important and deserves your time and energy, as well as call in the new year and celebrate what is known in astrology as your solar return (birthday). By mid-month the energy will point you in the direction of relationships and communication, as the full moon highlights who’s important and how you need to be aware of others needs of those around you. Make sure that communication stays clear and concise as we also have Mercury turning retro, this can lead to a few miscommunications in regard to things that are of importance to you. 

On a health focus, it’s all about taking care of your physical body this month. Activities that ground you such as mediation, yoga/stretching, and hiking in nature to help recharge your overused batteries. The adrenals have taken a bit of a hit over the last 2 months, so nurture them with some B vitamins, herbs such as ashwagandha or ginseng and make sure you are getting 8 hours of sleep per night. Green leafy vegetables high in magnesium will also assist to rejuvenate your body. 

In the lead up to your birthday it’s always a great time to take life a little slow and easy. It’s one of the lower energy months, as the astrology puts you into a place of reflection and intuition. Take time this month to rest and rejuvenate before all the energy hits a high with your birthday celebrations. Dream journal, future plan your big jobs, dreams, and adventures as you cocoon and rest. This month’s new moon is a great time to plant the seeds for future creations and inventions. Plans and ideas that are birthed now have great long-term potential for fruition and success. 

Please also remember that you do have a physical body that needs rest, food and fluids, as I know when you get going on projects and ideas it’s easy to forget to take care of the machine. Plenty of water, less coffee, more root vegetables to ground you, and some warm soups and stir fry’s will keep you going without weighing you down. Protein rich foods at each meal will also keep the mind firing on all cylinders and your blood sugars stable. Bright red and orange fruits and vegetables, nut butters, and oats and well as matcha and green tea should be staples this month.

Well, my gorgeous Fish, how are you feeling about swimming into 2022? There are big things ahead for you if you remember to focus on what’s important not just for you, but the greater good of those close to you. The start of the year brings with it a focus on friends and groups with your need to find those that meet you on a deeper level as you seek great connections and conversations. The light and fluffy will not do for 2022, and it’s time to assess who gets front row seats in your theatre and who doesn’t need to be given tickets anymore. This is not to say you need to burn any bridges but it’s a time to reflect and assess who and what is important and focus your precious time and energy there. The savour in you loves to help others but sometimes that is not your job, and you need to save that energy for yourself and future projects/dreams. 

On the health front, your nervous system is needing some love with good protein, oily fish, avocados, nuts, and seeds. B vitamins and magnesium also soothe the nerves and relaxes your wound-up muscles. Be gentle with yourself this month, nurture and rejuvenate, as there are big things ahead if you stay on track and healthy.