Ok fun fact about me..I LOVE Halloween and dressing up. Themed party? Count me IN. This year I'm not dressing up as I'm having a more relaxed at-home Halloween weekend with friends but wanted to share one of my fave costumes from a few years ago with my (now ex lol) boyfriend. 

Anyone familiar with the iconic Britney and Justin denim look? Sadly I only have one polaroid picture from the night but had to share how great our costumes turned out! 





@Jill Anthony posted her costume which really inspired me to share this! Can you guess what she is?! Drop your guesses in the comments of her post and join us in sharing some of your favorite costumes throughout the years, what you're dressing up as this year, pet costumes, family costumes..all costumes are welcome!

Hope you all have a safe and not-so-spooky Halloween weekend 🎃