Ah, February! The month of love and also the final push of winter! Wondering what was trending this month? Look no further than below!

Knowing your Attachment Style- Have you heard of attachment theory? This theory describes the different ways people relate to others or in their relationships. The 4 styles of attachment are avoidant, fearful-avoidant, secure, and anxious. You develop your attachment style in childhood and it can influence your adult relationships. 

So why exactly is this a wellness trend? By learning to understand your unique attachment style, you will be able to communicate your needs better within your relationships- an ultimate act of self-care. To learn more about the individual styles and what your unique style is, you can take this test.

Sun Lamps fo SAD- This winter has been a long one! If you’ve been feeling the affects of SAD, it might be time to invest in this wellness trend. Sun lamps work by imitating sunlight and can help to reset your overall circadian rhythm and boost your mood. This can help when the winter is feeling extra long.

Try out a sun lamp at home! Sit in front of your sun lamp for around 30 minutes. By positioning the lamp above your head, it will mimic the sun. This can help boost your energy levels and balance your circadian rhythm, especially during the winter months. For more on SAD, check out Kylene Bogden’s lifestyle guide. 

Wearable Wellness Tech for Every Wellness Lover- Do you wear wellness on your sleeve? With so many tech companies growing and launching, we can have more data about our bodies than ever before. Companies are launching new technology to track and improve sleep, our heart health, and journal our daily habits. This space will continue to grow over the coming years as people want to learn more about their health and wellness from within!

There is a wearable tech option for every wellness lover! Curious about your sleep habits and how to improve? Oura ring is for you. Want to know how well your body has recovered after a workout? Whoop is the way to go. Want your wellness tech to feel like a smartphone? Look no further than the Apple Watch. What is your favorite wellness technology?

Let me know what your favorite wellness trend was this month in the comments!