Hi TLC fam! So excited to share more from Team CX at Love Wellness with you! We thought we'd share our wellness goals for 2022 to help inspire you to stick with your wellness journey!

What are your wellness goals this year? Let us know in the comments!

Let’s talk 2022. Team CX, do you have any daily wellness goals for 2022 you'd like to share?

@Amanda Kwasniewicz : Flossing and SPF every. single. day! Two incredibly simple things that take all of 5 seconds to complete, but can have incredibly positive impacts on your health, both short and long term! 

@Julia Ruiz : Spending more time outside! I am such a homebody but sometimes too much of a homebody. My goal is to get outside more and visit my local park more often — even if just a little coffee walk through the park! 

@Lainee Jennings : Movement, movement, lots of movement! A body in motion stays in motion, and it can be so hard remembering to get up and move when you're working from home. Plus lots of water! Really checking in with myself and making sure I'm drinking and refilling my water bottle. 

Madi (me!): Last year I committed to finding joy in moving my body. This year, I’m hoping to take that even further by setting longer term goals, like running a 10k or half marathon in 2022. Also, to optimize nutrition and find a protein powder that I don’t hate! If you have recs, please send my way.

@Drew Peterson : My wellness goal for 2022 is to heal myself from PCOS flare ups, and learn what works best for me and my body!