I'm about to CHANGE your gua sha game. Last night I watched Melissa Wood's gua sha live with Danna Omari (aka the queen of gua sha) and let me just say, this 45 minute live might have changed my life- or at the very least my gua sha game! 

The method Danna teaches starts at your neck and focuses on your neck. You apply pressure going up and then use featherlike movements over the lymph. Super interesting as apparently gua sha not only helps with anti-aging and glowing skin, but also with pore size and breakouts. Who knew!

I would 10/10 recommend checking out this live on her Instagram and giving it a go! @Lexi Bralver taught me about gua shaing and Melissa years ago and I texted her my picture after doing one side of my face and even she could tell the major difference! 

Here is the link to the IGTV: Gua Sha Tutorial

If anyone tries it please LMK how you like!