If I don’t food prep, I get lazy and order take-out. When I DO food prep I save money, my waistline thanks me because I’m eating much healthier food, and I feel like I’ve accomplished a *little* something good that week. LMK your hacks in the comments!

Tips to make veggie food prep easier:
1. Do it all at once!
2. To prevent your cutting board from slipping put a damp paper towel underneath it on the counter!
3. Don’t worry what it looks like - of you want a perfect chop go for it but I DGAF what my veggie prep looks like (and this helps me go faster)
3. Get some eco-friendly containers like Stashers that can be used over and over again and are dishwasher safe (I got these at Whole Foods).

Once you prep it’s easy to roast, toss together a salad, or do a quick sauté with dinner.