Gratitude is the experience of good will or thankfulness. What happens when we practice gratitude?

Let’s do an experiment. After each statement, take a moment and notice how you feel. 

Fill in the blank or change the statement as needed and say, 

“My _______ (job, relationship etc.) is awful. I hate it. I hate dealing with it.”

Now say, 

“Even though my _______ (job, relationship etc.) is challenging, it is a place for me to figure out some things about myself. It is teaching me what I want and don’t want. I am grateful for this learning even if I would like aspects of it to be different.”

How did you feel when you said each of those two statements? I image the first statement made you feel stuck and filled with angst. And the second was a bit more calming. 

When we begin to see through the lens of gratitude, we change how we see and relate to our lives. We find that no longer have that dusty cloud of angst following us (think Pig-Pen in the Peanuts comic strip.) It is like cleaning a dirty pair of glasses. The world gets brighter. 

With love,