This is kind of me complaining, but I have been pretty frustrated lately with the fact that I am too young to have my tubes tied. It is almost unheard of in my town for a woman in her 20s without kids to get the procedure. I understand that many doctors are afraid women will change their minds, but I still think a woman should be allowed to make that choice. I have known since I was about 16 that I did not want children, and I would love to have the most permanent form of birth control there is. My best bet might be to have it done in LA, but I would have to pay out of pocket since my health insurance is based on my county. Does anyone know of any younger women who were able to find a doctor willing to do the procedure? And for any women who have their tubes tied, how was the procedure? Did you get it done right after giving birth or on a separate day? I am just trying to collect as much info as possible in case I do find a doctor willing to do it for me lol.