The holiday season can be super stressful, I’m sure you all are already feeling it! I just wanted to pop onto The Love Club to share a few of my tips for practicing self-care during this extra busy time of year. 

Below are some of my quick tips and tricks on how to not go totally insane when you’re feeling a little overwhelmed! They honestly can be used year round! 

Be Present for 5-10 minutes

Being present means to simply be. I’m guilty for having my “break time” be a few minutes scrolling on the ‘gram to see what other people are up to but this can actually cause more stress so I find it best to totally power off when I take my 5-10 minute break. I take this time to sit back, take a few deep breaths, think about what I’m grateful for that day and just be still. This allows me to hit refresh on my brain. You can also use this time to practice gratitude or mantras which can help you recenter. 

Brush Your Hair 👩‍🦱

Bet you weren’t expecting to read that huh?! Not only will you give yourself a little touch up visually but by brushing your hair you’re actually stimulating acupuncture points which help to calm your mind and help blood flow to your brain! This little self-care moment gives you back 2 minutes of “me-time”.

Take a Bath

Taking a bath is a daily practice for me. Taking a bath has been scientifically proven to lower stress levels and reduce inflammation in the nervous system. You can add salts, light a candle, and add calming spa music for a more relaxing moment. PLUS, taking a bath gives you 30 minutes to an hour of time that is solely devoted to yourself.

Move move move!

Give your mood a boost during the day by tapping into your senses and moving! Whether it’s fully exercising or taking a moment to have a jam sesh and listen to your favorite song, this will help to boost your energy and concentration. You can play sports, dance, go on a walk, stretch and do yoga- the options for movement are endless! You will ultimately feels so much better and less stressed, even if you only move for a few minutes. 


What are your tips and tricks for being less stressed during the holidays?