Often, we get in our heads that something should happen…now. We decide what we want and work towards it, and then we don’t understand why it hasn’t happened yet.

This is because we don’t understand the timing.

Timing is more significant than us.

Astrology can teach us 

I had an astrological reading not too long ago. One of the questions I had was about the amount of fear I was going through regarding my husband’s health. The astrologer said, “Oh, of course, you are feeling that. You have planet X doing Z to planet P. This feeling will release by Y date.”

And it did. That fear released its grip on me.

I also had a question about a project I am working on and cannot get moving the way I want it to. This astrologer also talked about timing on this. She looked at what was happening planetarily and spoke about when things would begin to move again.

Gardening can teach us 

Timing can be connected to earth cycles. For example, I plant seeds in the spring (mostly) and harvest after the specified number of days or weeks that this seed takes to sprout and grow to maturity.

Health conditions can teach us 

Suppose you are trying to change a health condition. It might take time. It might take a lot of knowledge that you don’t have yet, and won’t get instantly. This is where patience (and persistence) comes into play.

When we don’t understand timing, we can become impatient. We can push too hard. Or we may not go for it when it is time to go.

Understanding timing requires wisdom

Being in sync with timing is a form of wisdom. It means we recognize that our will is not God. We are part of a weaving of factors. Our intention is only one aspect of this weaving. Often other elements must fall into place for what we desire to manifest.

If we push when we don’t need to, we may become desperate and push even harder. We may waste a lot of our energy. We may become discouraged. We may give up instead of staying the course.  

Balancing timing, patience and perspective with persistence doesn’t mean we give up. It means we understand that a marathon takes a certain amount of time, and a quick walk takes a different amount of time.

Focus on what is nourishing

Part of staying the course means we focus on other parts of our lives that are nourishing. We take our obsessive gaze off the thing we want. Like the saying, “the watched pot never boils,” changing our gaze allows the object of our attention some time to mature without breathing over it.

What if we decide that every moment of our lives is valuable and that the state of our being is more precious than getting this ‘thing’ done or accomplished or birthed? This would enable us to stay healthier and more whole while working towards a goal that might be years in the making. Our state of being impacts those around us, and ultimately the planet. 

The butterfly effect

The butterfly effect highlights the possibility that small causes may have momentous effects. Small changes (fragility like the butterfly) can impact much larger outcomes (tornados). While this concept was initially applied to weather and science, it can also be applied to other contexts. If each of us found our sweet spot of stability, health and perspective, imagine how our larger world would change. 

Personally, I have had to work on developing perspective and an understanding of timing to unhook myself from what I wanted and have a more balanced existence.

This doesn’t mean I stop. It just means that I am persistent without being obsessed. It means I free myself up to have a life with more space and light. It means I am mentally and emotionally healthier.

Relationships benefit

Relationships also benefit from the application of timing, perspective, persistence and patience. Improving a relationship takes learning of new skills, understanding new perspectives and happens not just on our timing, but also on the timing of our partner, our resources, and sometimes on the greater universe. 

I would love to hear how you are dealing with timing, perspective, patience and persistence – and the wisdom you have gained as a result of these challenges. 

With love,