Hi! So here are questions I should’ve asked my doctor, but I didn’t think of them until I left the office…

To make a very long story short, I always had issues with birth control so I avoided it and then I avoided telling my doctors that I wasn’t getting my period. But then I didn’t get it for quite a while, got scared and I finally gave in and told them. They then were quick to put me on low-dose birth-control (Nordette). After almost a full year on that I started to have breakthrough bleeding and basically you could tell that my body started to take over the birth-control. Thus here we are with a slightly higher dose one. 

My question Is- should it work relatively the same or will my periods be heavier? They are already super light. What should I expect? Anyone? Anyone?

Call me crazy, but after a few years of little no periods and then being told I might have gone into menopause early, I enjoy it now. I still hate technically, but I also appreciate it more than ever. … if that makes any sense at all.