This Wednesday is National Hydration Day and a great reminder of how important it is to drink water and stay hydrated. While we all know the importance of hydration, it’s often easier said than done, especially when we are busy and on the go.  But I still remember the days of my military training when the importance of always carrying a full canteen -- and constantly drinking from it -- was drilled into us from day one:

Always carry a full “canteen”. These days I don’t rely on just one container of water.  Instead, I have multiple types and sizes with me to cover all aspects of my day: 

  • An insulated bottle in my car
  • Smaller bottles that fit in my purse and gym bag
  • A spill-proof bottle next to my computer 
  • And several cold ones at the ready in the fridge

Make it appealing so you keep drinking. I used to carry flavoring packets since sometimes the potable water was not very tasty. Fortunately, now I have so many available options for refreshing and delicious water.  One of my favorite purchases last year was a soda stream.  I just love the taste of aerated water.  It even sounds refreshing!

What are your strategies for staying hydrated?