You can use lube anytime during sex whether it is with your partner or a solo adventure.  Honestly, it is one of the most underutilized sex tools.  Only 35% of women have ever used lube! Most people think that lube is only used for women who have vaginal dryness but that is not entirely true. Lube serves two purposes.  The first is for sexual pleasure and the second is for sexual safety.  Let’s discuss.

Lube can be used for hand jobs, masturbation, foreplay, and sex toys. And if you engage in anal sex, remember the anus does not self-lubricate like the vagina so lube should be recommended for pleasure and safety. Even the act of putting lube on you and your partner can enhance sexual play and arousal.  A little lube inside a condom can also increase sexual pleasure for male partners. According to a recent study, another benefit of using lube is that it makes it 50% easier for men and women to have an orgasm.

Lube can also be used for sexual safety.  Sometimes you can be aroused but your vagina may take some time to catch up. Using a lube can help relieve anxiety about whether your vagina is dry and allow you to relax and enjoy sex.  It also reduces friction and pain.  While some friction is desired, too much can cause small vaginal tears. 

Lube is not only for women who have vaginal dryness or are post-menopausal.  There are many uses and benefits of lube that can improve your sexual satisfaction.  When choosing a lube make sure that is compatible with condoms, sex toys and doesn’t irritate the vagina.  Now you should feel free to use lube during sex and make it more pleasurable for you and your partner.