Protein is the building block for all cells in our body. Therefore, consuming enough protein is absolutely critical for the maintenance of our health, especially if your goal is to age gracefully. 

The concept sounds so simple, yet most  are not meeting the mark each day. Here are the top 7 signs you may not be eating enough protein:

  1. Constant fatigue
  2. Inability to lose weight
  3. Inability to increase strength
  4. Inability to increase lean muscle mass
  5. Brittle hair and nails
  6. Insatiable hunger, especially shortly after a meal
  7. Frequent injury, or injury that takes longer than expected to heal

Sound familiar? Then let’s take a minute to calculate your protein needs to see if you are meeting your energy demands.

  • Take your body weight in lbs= 150 lbs for example.
  • Divide by 2.2 to get kilograms = 68 kg
  • And multiply by 1.1g = 75g protein/day

This is a rough average of where you should be each day in grams of protein. Now, of course someone who trains 3 hours a day will have very different protein needs than someone who is sedentary with chronic health/kidney issues. However, the vast majority of those reading this will experience success around the 1.1 g protein/kg mark. 

After assessing your daily eating habits and taking a closer look at the above, do you think you're getting enough protein in your diet? Let me know, I'm here to help!

With love,