We live in a world where stress can be found at every corner. 

You may think you are one of the lucky ones who is stress-resilient, however, cortisol dysregulation can get the best of us dealing with over-packed schedules on a regular basis.

Taking two steps back, cortisol is the queen bee of stress hormones and when your body produces too much, or too little, the body responds by trying its best to conserve energy and keep you afloat so to speak. Common symptoms of cortisol dysregulation include an accumulation of extra belly fat, feeling wired and tired at night, feeling restless or anxious for no good reason, and strong sugar cravings. 

Please also note that cortisol dysregulation exists on a spectrum and typically happens when multiple stressors are presented to the body at one time.

If this information strikes a cord, here are a few tips to get your cortisol back on track: 

  1. Eat regularly throughout the day 
  2. Eat macronutrient balanced meals (protein + carbs + fat)
  3. Rule out hidden infections ⁣
  4. Sleep 7-9 hours per night
  5. Allow for adequate recovery time and nutrition between workouts

With love,