Did you know it's National Sex Day? Check out my 3 tips for do's and don'ts for sex this summer: 

  1. Summer sweat= vaginal moisture. When the weather becomes warmer outside, make sure you DO wear light cotton underwear that is breathable for the vagina and doesn’t trap moisture which can harbor harmful bacteria. DON'T wear itchy, unbreathable underwear.
  2. DO be prepared with contraception. With summer weather, increased sunlight exposure can lead to spikes in serotonin which may translate into increase sex drive. Research has shown that the happier we are, the more likely we are to have sex, so always be prepared!
  3. DO get checked: with the summer spike in social and sexual activities, make sure to enter in on clean STI free slate. Also with many people coming out of a Covid hibernation, sexual activity is predicted to spike even further, so make sure you’re doing it safely!