BV, otherwise known as the Devil’s apprentice, is a relatively new thing for me. My first time having it was about 2 years ago and up to that point I had never had any vaginal problems whatsoever! It’s very frustrating. I can get it simply from wearing tight stupid is that? How is a girl supposed to look good with the times if I can’t wear my damn skinny jeans!? Goodbye to all my yoga pants that now bring me tears of pain and hello basketball shorts and flashbacks to junior high...I’m in the middle of finding more holistic methods to help with this imbalance. I’ve got  probiotics but also looking into garlic capsules to replace the Metronidazole 500mg that end up causing a yeast infection after the BV is gone. WHAT. A. PARTY. �If you �guys If you guys have any helpful tips please let me know! I already got rid of my tight undies and currently only rock my boyfriends boxers. Honestly, even if you don’t have BV you should do this. They are WAYYY for comfortable.