I thought it was my period but now I'm not sure what is going on. so here it goes (keep in mind my period has been pretty irregular to begin with but it started to get regular over the last 8 months). I got my period the beginning of March and then March 22nd I got it again. Not spotting, legit my period again. 

Then it passed and now for the last 2 weeks (beginning of April to now) I am spotting a lot but not even sure if it's spotting or if it is an actual period. Some days are more heavy than others but it's not like a regular period I am used to. My periods are pretty heavy and the last 2 weeks I've started my day bleeding when I wipe (some days more than others). I'll put a tampon in thinking that i'm getting my period and at the end of the day there's literally no blood. then days that I don't put a tampon in, it seems like more blood than just spotting. I've also never experienced spotting before so I don't know what to expect. I'm so confused. No cramps, no pain, etc. What could it be?