Hey Guys!

How is everyone doing this Halloween weekend? I can’t wait to hear all about your plans! Last night I dressed as Neo from The Matrix (great last minute costume BTW) and hung out with some friends! I think I’ll be taking it easy the rest of the weekend and wanted to bring you a not-so-spooky self-care guide! 

Get Spooky & Sweaty at an Infrared Sauna!

  • These might seem spooky because of the heat and the colored lights, but trust me it’s quite the opposite! Infrared saunas essentially heat you up from the inside out and help you sweat out toxins. In addition to detoxification, they can help stimulate collagen, boost mood, and promote circulation. I am a huge fan of these and think they’re definitely worth trying!

Boo! It’s bath time!

  • A fun fact about me is I take a bath every day! I think that this ritual is essential to promoting relaxation and quieting your mind. This Halloween, treat yourself to a spooky bath! Dim all of the lights, light a few candles, add bath salts to your tub, and get ready to relax! You 

Get in touch with your inner witch!

  • Ok maybe not your inner witch, but Halloween is a great time to read up on your horoscope or learn more about yourself and the planets. There are tons of resources on The Love Club by our Astrologer @Kira Sutherland (check out THIS article on the ruling planet Venus!). If the zodiac isn't really your thing, then I suggest taking some time to journal and meditate. 

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Can't wait to hear what you try for self-care this Halloween weekend!