At the turn of a new year, most of us begin to self-reflect as we hear our inner conscious whisper. “What has this past year taught me and brought to me?” “How can I improve my health, my relationships, and love for myself going forward?”  “Can I find new ways to add more meaning, passion and joy to my life?”

While there are a number of ways to improve and enhance our day to day existence, there is one common theme that my entrepreneur brain and heart can’t help but notice at work, out in public, and even just within my own group of friends: after a global pandemic, we as women have forgotten how to sell ourselves. In other words, we have lost the art of the perfect elevator speech. 

Whether you are the CEO of an international company or you have stayed home the past 10 years, it is still so important to be able to talk about who you are and what you do with an effective and captivating story. I believe this is truly how great impressions are made. Many of us are interviewing for new jobs at the moment, transitioning back to the office, and even considering drastic career changes. So, let’s dive into the perfect elevator speech.

An elevator speech is a 30 second introduction where you have the chance to articulate who you are and what you can do for that individual (or company). Having a perfectly crafted elevator speech can improve your networking and interviewing abilities as well as other key tasks such as gaining new clients or creating a website from the ground up. 

Here are my top tips for crafting a successful elevator speech:

  • Brainstorm before you begin. You are uniquely you and only you know your story. Brainstorm bullet points of what sets you apart and use this as the core of your mini speech. 
  • Keep it brief. When I said 30 seconds, I literally meant an ideal elevator speech is roughly 30 seconds long!
  • Make it simple..initially. Start by a general explanation and if the listening party is interested, that is your cue to dive deeper.
  • Incorporate a call to action. Introduce yourself, sell your story, and most importantly, include a call to action at the end of the conversation. Job interview? Express your enthusiasm for the role and ask for contact information in case you have further questions. Hoping to gain a new follower or book a client? Provide an Instagram handle, or a link to download your latest newsletter.
  • Practice, practice, practice. Just like anything else in life, your delivery will be much smoother if you rehearse a few times outloud. 
  • Don’t forget to follow up! No matter where you were or who your speech was given to, make sure you follow up regarding what was discussed. For example, my hairdresser told me this week she suffers from fatigue and gut issues. I explained to her that her concerns are my exact specialty and my call to action at the end of the discussion was providing her with my website URL to learn more or book an appointment. When I saw a week had passed and she had not reached out, I sent a follow up text thanking her so much for the awesome hair cut and provided my website link again.

Now that you are ready to craft the perfect elevator speech, you are one step closer to conquering the world!