Hey everyone! I’m Ashley, and I’m so stoked to be a part of this awesome community. 

Tiny backstory on me- prior to getting married and having kids, I struggled with obesity my whole life (at one point, I maxed out at 360lbs). Life felt SO hard and I eventually made a choice to change my lifestyle. I ended up losing weight by choosing to focus on a healthy diet and exercise. I lost over 145lbs and felt like a whole new woman. 

Since then, I’ve gotten married and have had 2 beautiful daughters (I’m currently 9 weeks postpartum). And I’m sooooo excited and eager to nourish my mom bod and give it everything it needs to find balance and good health. I recently learned that I have a lazy thyroid, so Metabo Love has been my jam. 

What has been your absolute favorite Love Wellness product and why? 💛