Baby boy and I are growing nicely! It is a surreal experience as a second time mom to realize that the space that was first home to my daughter, is now home to another growing being. Now that I’m in the second trimester, I feel him moving all day long, and am reminded that he’s always with me!

During this pregnancy, I opted for NIPT or non invasive prenatal testing. NIPT is a prenatal screen usually performed between 9-12 weeks of pregnancy in which you take a sample of the mother’s blood and look at the baby’s DNA that is circulating in the bloodstream. This screening test helps determine the likelihood of your baby having a chromosomal disorder. It is a highly accurate test, 97-99%, for three of the most common genetic conditions. If the NIPT screen is positive, then you and your doctor can determine whether to have a diagnostic test that will 100% detect any abnormalities present. 

NIPT was previously offered to only at-risk pregnancies, however as of 2020, ACOG recommends that all pregnant women regardless of risk be offered NIPT. It involves a quick and easy blood draw at your doctor’s office. An added perk is that you also determine the sex early on (if you care to know!). 

I was happy to have my NIPT performed so that I could be reassured early on regarding my pregnancy, however it’s up to every mother to decide whether this testing is right for them.

Now as I am moving into mid second trimester, I will be further evaluated for any abnormalities during my anatomy scan. I’m looking forward to seeing how much baby boy has grown!

Have you undergone any genetic testing during your pregnancy? Please comment below!

With love,

Dr. Shweta Desai