Hi Love Club! As an Ob-Gyn and wellness expert, I’ve decided to share my experiences throughout my first pregnancy...welcome to my pregnancy journey!

Becoming a first time mom is anxiety provoking at baseline, but adding in a pandemic has led to a roller coaster of emotions. We feel so fortunate to have conceived so quickly that it was almost shocking to see the two lines on that home pregnancy test. As I know the in’s and out’s of pregnancy well, I had my first ultrasound early at six weeks to confirm that the pregnancy was in the uterus and everything so far was going well. Having the first ultrasound in the height of the pandemic was nerve wracking; from having to go to the doctor’s appointment alone to thinking about the uncertainty with the virus, there was a lot on my mind. We found out that the baby’s heartbeat was low for gestational age with a chance of miscarriage around 50%, with the plan to repeat the ultrasound in one week. After one of the longest weeks of my life, we had our follow up ultrasound and were happy to see the baby growing and with a strong heartbeat on the second ultrasound. After a few hopeful days that things were going well, I started to bleed over the weekend. I’ve seen it before and I’ve counseled my patients on all of the precautions hundreds of times, so I monitored for warning signs and waited to call my doctor’s office on Monday. After another ultrasound, they found a subchorionic hematoma, which is a small blood clot by the forming placenta, which can lead to bleeding in the first trimester. These are typically not harmful to the baby unless they grow in size and luckily mine was very small. 

Now that I am almost eleven weeks, the anxiety of miscarriage is starting to lessen a bit, but I know that in obstetrics things can change quickly at any time. These are very small blips that do not compare to the challenges other mom’s have faced, and I’ve been lucky to have minimal physical symptoms throughout my first trimester. But it’s also important, now more than ever, to focus on the mental, and it’s ok to have heightened anxiety and emotions! Whatever challenges you are facing right now, lean into the emotions and feel what needs to be felt. Although we are socially distant, we have never been more virtually connected, so reach out and connect with loves ones. We are all getting by with the love and support of our family and friends. 

Please comment below if you’ve shared a similar experience of heightened emotion during this pandemic. And for any other COVID-19 moms, please share your story!

With love,

Dr. Shweta Pai

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