It’s basically my favorite holiday today- National Bubble Bath Day! For all of you who don’t know, I am obsessed with bubble baths and take one every single day. It’s essential for my wellness routine. Did you know that taking a bath not only can help with soothing muscles, but also helps to improve sleep quality, help with pain, and boost your mood? Because baths are so essential to my wellness routine, and I consider myself and expert, I wanted to leave you all with my guide to the perfect bath. 

  1. Set the mood and set your space. Tidy up your bathroom before every bath, turn your lights down low, light a candle, and put on some relaxing music.
  2. Draw your bath. I like my baths pretty hot but definitely test the water before you hop in.
  3. Apply a face mask. Applying any sort of skincare or facemask during your bath can really make the experience feel like a spa. I don’t do a face mask every time, but definitely 1-2 times per week. I love a sheet mask like the ones from Loops since they are so easy and efficient.
  4. Add in bath salts. These can be extra helpful in relaxation! I love Dr. Teals Bath Salts or Dr. Singhas Mustard Bath (I know it sounds weird, but just trust me on the Mustard Bath)
  5. Add in a bath tray. This is essential! You can put a drink, a book, any of your skincare and extra products on this. It keeps everything from falling in and feels like ultimate luxury.