I have had the Mirena IUD since the fall of 2018! I have loved every second of it. It has been life changing for my possible endometriosis or period pain (still undiagnosed). 

Anyways, everything has been routine up until one night in September 2020. 2020, am I right?!?!?!
My boyfriend of 7.5 years and I were having sex and he accidentally hit my IUD or the IUD strings. I immediately was in pain, starting bleeding, went pale etc. I spotted for 4 days not during my period. Then life seemed to go back to normal. 

Then came hormonal acne that has taken about 3 months to go away. Now I am working on the scars the acne left behind. I've never had acne in my whole life so here I am at 30 as a first timer! 

I did go and see a doctor (for free at the clinic, since I lost my job due to the pandemic which took my health insurance right along with it). She didn't have access to an ultrasound machine but was able to check everything out and she said everything looks like it is where it should be. She thinks if my IUD was dislodged I'd be having MORE symptoms. 

My only symptoms still are the acne flare ups on the sides of my chin (pretty much finally going away) and the occasional vaginal odor. Today I just ordered boric acid suppositories to hopefully treat that. It never occurred to me that my symptoms could be unrelated to our drunken fun fest and that it could possibly be related to an out of whack vaginal pH. 

Has anyone had odor or pH or acne issues with their mirena IUD? I can't wait to try boric acid suppositories but I am going to try probiotics next month! Any other suggestions?