Before coronavirus hit NYC, I was getting lymphatic drainage massages pretty frequently. I'm puffy/bloated by nature (or have some underlying food sensitivity I haven't figured out yet) and discovered that lymphatic drainage is basically the TITS for getting rid of the puff.

Now that I'm not able to do this anymore because of the current situation, does anyone have any tips or guides they have found online to how to do this at home and maximize results?

Melissa Wood recommend this paddle to me for at home drainage and I've used it a few times. It def kinda works but I dont really have a technique down yet. Dr. Mona Vand told me during an IG live you have to activate your lymph nodes by pressing them a little before you start, so I should do that more. 

What are your best tips, lymphatic drainage aficionados? Anyone use a dry brush? I haven't done that yet.

I'm looking for HOT TIPS, amazing products, and great routines/steps to follow. Pls and thank you.