So, every time we get sent a survey it's like I go completely blank with ideas for new products. However, I finally thought of something - and I know its definitely not an original thought- but Love Wellness Protein Powder would be a DREAMMMMMMM. @Lauren Bosworth I just got one from ritual... which I don't dislike but I LOVE love wellness so much, it made me sad that we don't have one. It could be tailored to women's health. I know I would be interested in one with low carbs and sugar free because that is how I help manage my PCOS. Maybe I should email this instead but I wanted to see if anyone else was interested? Name ideas- feel free to completely disregard because I am not creative - Power Powder hahaha or Liquid Courage lol 


I just know this is something that many would probably like to see, but I know they probably have a ton of other great ideas in the pipeline.