Today I want to celebrate the little wins. I had my first physical/wellness check not at my gynecologist in about 8 years. I found an NP that was well-reviewed and was located in town near my son's ABA center since I travel there every weekday. I have made a point to drink more water throughout my days and to work out more regularly throughout the week. I haven't changed much about my diet aside from I am having fewer sugar cravings these days and haven't been eating as often late at night. Well since my last gynecologist visit which was about 11 weeks ago, I've lost about 2 pounds! Now my goal has not been drastic weight loss, but just to be healthier. So I'm pretty happy about that. :) 

I am also celebrating my Momiversary tomorrow as my oldest turns 7! I've survived parenthood for 7 years now; 2+ of those years being in a pandemic no less!

So as we experience beyond frigid temps here in IN, instead of letting the winter blues get me down, I'm choosing to celebrate the little wins today.

What little wins would you like to shout out for yourself??