I use to get chronic yeast infections and none of the doctors helped me with it, I started taking probiotics and that seemed to help for awhile paired with boric acid suppositories. We ended up buying Wet Platinum lube but even then it just felt like penetration was almost quite literally tearing me apart. Now after dealing with it for about a year I just don’t even want to have sex which makes me feel bad for my boyfriend and even worse about myself considering we both used to be pretty sexual. I’ve gone to a gynecologist and she gave me steroid cream for external use when I was feeling itchy due to yeast infections but other than that I’ve been to the doctors anywhere from 5-8 times and nothing has helped. I’ve done some research and it kinda sounds like Vaginismus but sex was great for around 6 months before the yeast infections started. I’m just wondering if any other ladies have had any similar issues because my sex life is suffering and I don’t know what else to do! :(