I have issues with my mother. We do not agree on hardly any large issues (political, racial, covid, etc), and apparently, she has decided that we need to have a conversation because she thinks "I don't respect her, that I don't care what she has to say and that I "know" she's clearly too unintelligent to have a clear thought about anything." Where all of this is coming from I have no clue. It was spurred on by the fact that my parents were just in Florida for a week of vacation and upon returning they wanted my oldest son to stay the night with them. My husband and I decided that we needed to hold off on the sleepover for a week or two given the recent surge of covid in FL and my parents not being vaccinated. We did not want to risk spreading covid right before school starts! She told me to "please stop listening to the "experts" who keep changing their recommendations every other day" and that I'm "smarter than all of this, but it is your decision, obviously, so whatever."

She told me that we could have the conversation at her house or she can come over to my house and do it in front of my husband and kids, my choice. I told her that a conversation requires two willing participants and that if she wants me to participate she needs to stop threatening me and bullying me into it. I asked her to give me a week to figure out our new schedules with school starting. She responded by saying that school starts on Wednesday so Wednesday is good for her. She is absolutely unwilling to give up choosing the time for this "conversation".

Honestly, my mother is the one person that I just cannot seem to stand up to. I know that I'm a grown adult and that I deserve the same respect she is requesting from me. But I'm afraid I'm just going to stand there while she yells at me in a puddle of my own tears. She's going to get whatever grievances she's perceived off her chest and I'm going to feel like a shell of myself.

Both of my siblings have had it out with my mother already and they both say that they feel better for it and now she holds no power over them. But I'm just not sure that I can get there. 

I don't know what to do. Sorry to dump this here...