I am so grateful that things are getting back to some measure of normalcy. But, I also have to admit to being more than a little anxious about getting back “out there”.  The pre-pandemic me was constantly over-committed, often with things that were unfulfilling and did not bring me joy.  In some ways that hard re-set was kind of a good thing.  

As I am starting to emerge into this new normal, I hope to rely on several things that I have learned to value over this past year:

- The Value of Saying “No”. Too many times, my hectic life included many commitments and obligations that were draining.  Now, as things are picking up, and before I agree to something, I am trying to ask myself: Do I have to do it? Do I want to do it? Will it make me (or someone else) happy? I am hoping that as I get better at saying “no”, I will have more time and energy to say “yes” to the things that truly matter.  

- The Value of Being Outdoors. As more things are opening up, I find myself wondering: just because I can do it indoors, why would I?  Being outdoors is glorious! 

- The Value of Animals. Those fur balls really came through for all of us during our quarantines.  There were so many times that I was able to lean into the simple pleasure of cuddling and playing with my dog. After all he did for me, I am determined to return the sentiment every single day.

- The Value of Comfortable Pants. No explanation needed.

What are you anxious about? What have you learned to value? What are you trying to do differently?