Hi Love Club Community!

Ever since I can remember, I’ve always had irregular periods. Skipping periods 1-2 months at a time is the norm for me. There are months when I'll feel my period 'coming' (cramps, mood swings/pms, bloating) but I never wind up getting it!

I used to blame years of going on and off birth control and not taking it consistently but now I'm honestly not sure what it is. Maybe it's stress and a mix of other factors I'm just not aware of. Whenever I would bring this up to my doctors they would say that I was either too stressed or too active(?) and would recommend that I go back on the pill without  providing any other suggestions that involve a more natural approach. 

Has anyone else experienced this? What about acupuncture or other supplements/herbs that might be able to help? Birth control can't be the only answer!