The 90/10 rule, it really is so simple and can be your plan for life: 10% of the time you do what you want. You don’t worry or limit yourself about the food or indulgences at events, concerts, parties, restaurants, or ice-cream runs with your kids. You can participate in, and on occasion relish in, the extravagances of life. This means enjoying a hard-earned happy hour cocktail during the week or a lazy Saturday spent in your pajamas or an occasional all-night party with friends—as long as you’re making healthy choices the other 90% of the time. 

This is what I call “maintenance mode,” and it begins after you’ve detoxed and begun to practice new healthy habits on a daily basis. 

When you follow this simple guideline on a daily, weekly, monthly, or even yearly basis—90% of the time, you’ll discover that you feel so incredible living a healthy lifestyle that the 10% of the time when you do let your hair down, you’ll be keenly aware of the toll it takes on your body. 

My patients always report back to me that during the 10% when they’re indulging, they notice a big difference in their bodies. Whether they splurged on a decadent meal, too many drinks, or simply neglected to sleep or exercise properly for a while—they look and feel terrible. These con- sequences of making less healthy choices are physical proof of how much benefit your body gets from your efforts the other 90%. Experiencing the difference in how your body feels when you don’t take care of yourself versus when you do serves as its own motivation for sticking to the plan. 

Staying consistent with your diet and fitness plans pays off not only when you’re “being healthy”. It also allows you more freedom and less guilt during the 10% of the time you let loose. For example, many of my celebrity clients try to live within healthy food, fitness, and lifestyle guidelines while on tour and at home, and save their 10% “relapse time” for parties, events, dinners, or vacation. 

Maintaining a strict adherence to the rules while they’re intensely focused on their work allows them to truly enjoy themselves and be sociable when they want to be. This is one of the main reasons my clients stick to my program. Your odds of success are far greater because you don’t sacrifice or sabotage your lifestyle to keep your mind, body, and spirit in check. 

xoxo, Dr. G