As a mom to be, becoming pregnant can be one of the most exciting times in your life. With that joy comes an immense sense of responsibility for this new little life that is growing inside of you, which I have become all too familiar with. Everyday, you are in charge of providing your baby with a safe haven for growth and nutrients. That’s where prenatal vitamins come in. 

Prenatal vitamins are so important for women of reproductive age. It’s actually recommended that women start taking a prenatal vitamin prior to conceiving so that your baby has the appropriate nutrients from the moment of conception. Prenatal vitamins contain the recommended amount of vitamins and minerals you will need during your pregnancy, including Vitamins A, C, D, and folic acid as well as minerals such as iron. 

What are the different components of a prenatal vitamin and why are they important? Folic acid is key during a baby’s development to help prevent major birth defects called neural tube defects. These are defects of the brain and spine of the baby. Because folic acid is so important, it is recommend that women take at least 400mcg of folic acid daily for at least one month prior to pregnancy, and even more folic acid is recommended if you have certain conditions. Your prenatal vitamin should also contain 15-30mg of iron to prevent iron deficiency. Iron helps support the development of the placenta and the baby, and helps your body supply oxygen to the baby. You should also look for a prenatal that contains Vitamin D and calcium as this provides support to the baby’s growing bones and teeth. Additionally, supplements that contain omega 3 fatty acids can help to promote the baby’s brain development.

Including those mentioned, all of the vitamins and minerals in prenatal vitamins play such an important role in providing your baby with the nutrients it needs to grow and develop. Pregnancy can be such a taxing time on the female body and obtaining the recommended amount of vitamins and minerals from diet alone can be near impossible.

That’s why it’s so important to nourish yourself and your growing bump from the inside out with a prenatal vitamin!

How are all of my fellow future mom's handling pregnancy? Or those trying to conceive, what questions do you have? I'd love to provide support! I'm also sharing my personal journey here on the Love Club. You can find my most recent posts here.

With love, 

Dr. Desai