Fueling on the go is an important life skill, especially if you have specific health goals you are hoping to achieve.

While it may not be easy, practice makes perfect and when there is a will, I promise you that there is a way. I work with the busiest, most travel-centric people and once each person gets into their own snack groove, the fueling strategy just becomes second nature. You’re up next!

Here are my best pro tips for fueling successfully on the go.

Stop Packing the Simple Sugar Foods

 Foods composed predominantly of simple sugars (added or natural) and or carbohydrates will not leave you feeling satisfied or energized shortly after consumption. So for example, if you see a product with 2g protein, 1g fat and 60g carbohydrate, we have a problem!

Although these foods are not quite as bad when paired with protein and fat, they are still not ideal to keep on hand on a routine basis. 

Prime examples include: Granola bars, fruit snacks, fruit by itself (fresh and dried), candy, pretzels and crackers. Nothing tastes as good as healthy feels. Use them up or donate them and do not repurchase.

Ample Fat and Protein Is a Must

You’ve probably heard me say this before in regards to your meals, but your snacks definitely need to include fat and protein as well. It’s tough to provide a target number without knowing you or what else you are eating throughout the day but, generally speaking, we want to see at least 8g of protein and 5-15 grams of fat in your snack. 

Here are a few of my favorite examples:  

It's also worth noting, many grocery stores are now selling cooked and peeled hard boiled eggs.

Get Rid Of the Chemicals and Funky Ingredients

Alright, so you found a bar or protein shake that’s high in fat and protein and low in sugar. Awesome! But, before we get ahead of ourselves, what are you reading in the ingredient list? If all you see is artificial sweeteners and foreign ingredients, you may feel full after the snack but the bloat, headache, sinus issues or farts that come 1-2 hrs later is not benefitting your long term health.

Something else very important I want you to keep in mind is that inflammation adds up. In other words, you may not feel terrible immediately after consumption of the snack, but the inflammation in your body may manifest itself in other forms i.e. it is not normal to have painful period cramps and clotting. It is not normal to need caffeine to survive the day. You get the idea…

Find Your Magic 5

This means that at all times, you will have 5 nonperishable items on hand or stocked somewhere that you can easily access. A balanced shake, a form of pure protein, a balanced bar, nuts or seeds of choice, and a “legal” dessert. 

Here are my personal top picks:

  1. Shake: OWYN Cold Brew Coffee Shake
  2. Bar or snack consisting of a pure protein source: Korean BBQ Chicken Jerky or for those who are plant-based, two Go Umami Baked Tofu Bars
  3. Nuts or seeds: Superseedz Spicy Pumpkin Seeds or any nut that you love. I vote for organic, roasted pistachios. 
  4. Energy Bar:  Oatmeal Cookie Level Bars 
  5. Legal Dessert: Eating Evolved Hazelnut Butter Cups

Hopefully this helps you to kick off your snacking in the right direction. Questions? Please shoot below!

With love,