We are creative beings by nature. It's essential to our survival and it is integral to self-actualization. We're trained to believe that psychological health depends on productivity but many experts will argue that creativity is the foundation for a true connection with psychological health. 

Creative people embrace vulnerability - the acceptance of uncertainty. But sometimes this can be so awkward and uncomfortable! 

Here are three tips to help you lean into vulnerability and embrace your creative self:

  1. Spend Time in Silence. Neuroscience research tells us that being alone in silence, even for brief periods of time, can support new brain cell formation in the hippocampus. Try to set aside 5-10 minutes a day where you are focused on deep breathing and free from electronics. You may be pleasantly surprised by the new freedom of thought that is experienced. 
  2. Play like a Child. What brought you pure joy or made you feel free in your younger years? Painting? Dancing? Singing in the shower? Laughing at goofy cartoons? Consider tapping into that joy once a week. Don’t filter or edit your actions or your thoughts. Children do not think linearly like we do. If there is a problem, they will make multiple (and sometimes crazy) attempts to solve the problem. Who is to say you can’t be a little silly and think outside the box to get something done?
  3. Do not Fear Rejection. Sometimes one of the most dreaded deeds in life is asking a question to which you assume the answer will be no. But, just like anything else in life, the more you gain the courage to ask, the less uncomfortable it becomes. More importantly, the fear and shame that comes with rejection can dissipate when we learn to stay engaged in the process and ask questions.  The “no” that we received and took great offense to might have just been a schedule conflict or personal crisis that was not properly communicated. Lean into rejection and magic may transpire!

How will you plan to lean into vulnerability and embrace your creative self in 2022?

With love,