This month’s energy starts a bit wobbly with Mercury having gone retrograde the week before and continuing until the 17th of October. This starts the month with a review and revised flavor to it, the need to consider your thoughts, things and actions that are important and what needs to be recycled and released. To add to this flavor, we are in the midst of Libra season which is all about finding your balance and flow. I think this is a great lineup of energy, especially for those in the northern hemisphere who have just entered Autumn as all this energy comes together for us to release what is not serving us just as the leaves that are no longer needed fall from the trees. 

It’s a month to get yourself organized, reoriented with what is important and find your sweet spot of work life balance if possible as you head into the last few months of the year.  We also have many other planets that have been retrograde for a few months in the mix that will all turn direct by mid-month. These are planets that we don’t often notice going retro as it happens so frequently and for lengthy periods but with this handful of players all moving forward soon the feel will be easier and more in flow. Lots of projects and processes that have been a bit slow to manifest will now easily fall into place and your loss of mojo to get things done should vanish by the second half of the month. 

This month is all about finding your balance between your needs and those closest to you. There is a new energy being birthed to do with relationships and how you give and receive energy from others. This is an exciting time, be it a new relationship or a deeper connection with those you are close to already, be it a partner, friends or family member. As you need a lot of downtime to yourself to find your balance it is also an important month to put aside some calendar time to do what you want to do by yourself. The lessons of October are all about time management between social and self. Your adrenals need some extra love with all the excitement happening so make sure there is not too much caffeine or maybe make a switch to some matcha tea or raw cacao. Sugar can also overstimulate your system so be aware that life is sweet enough at the moment without too many indulgences. Magnesium, chromium, and B vitamins can all help to increase energy and balance your blood sugar levels without the sugar or caffeine hit. Green veggies, spirulina and wheatgrass all help to alkalise your body, and this is what October is asking of you. 

October brings with it a need for you to pay attention and even analyze what health choices you are making or ignoring in your life. It is a month of assessment and analysis about what you are putting into your body and how you are living on a daily basis. I know you don’t love making too many changes at once, but this doesn’t mean to not make any changes at all. October’s energy will make this easier to do with a flow you don’t often feel when adjustments are needed.  A food, fluid and exercise diary can be a great way to look at your habits and see what needs attention.  Watch the digestion and intestines as they are asking for some love as well. How do the foods you eat make you feel and how does your system respond to them? Some extra fibre, digestive teas such as peppermint, chamomile and fennel can all help the system to run a bit better. It’s the month to dust off your favorite healthy cookbook and make sure you are getting enough green veggies and proper protein in your diet. It's almost the slow cooker time of the year and your body is asking you to be gentle and wise with your food and liquid choices so you can enter the colder months with a strong and healthy system. 

October brings with it some fun for you after what may have felt like a few months of hard work and not enough laughter. The creative and joyful part of your chart is being activated by the new moon this month and it's time to take advantage of this energy. It will be a social month if you so desire with great connections to groups/friends that can make you feel connected and loved. With all this excitement you need to make sure you don’t forget to take care of your body. Your nervous system is what needs some attention otherwise you will feel frazzled and overstretched by the end of the month. Oily fish, seeds, nuts, avocado can all help to fortify your electrical system. Foods high in B vitamins and magnesium such as dark green leafy veg and root vegetables will help to ground you and give you the stamina to continue your social calendar influx. Hydration is also important this month as you can easily forget to drink when you are busy. Maybe set a timer on your phone to remind you to have water 3 to 4 times a day.  Have fun but please remember your body needs to make it to the end of the month in one piece so don’t forget to eat, drink and get a bit of sleep. 

This month see’s your energy turn towards home and family matters. I know you are thinking but it is always focused on those areas, but October is even more so than normal. This is a great month for a home detox and organize both with your house but also your body. The new moon in your home sector allows you to plant the seeds for some healthy habits to be birthed over the next few months. Do a pantry and fridge clean out and restock with those foods that you know make you feel fabulous. A food, fluid and emotions diary can be a great starting point this month to really assess how the things you eat actually make you feel. You know you are an emotional eater at the best of times but when you sit back and really analyze why you are eating and set into place some new intentions around food you will be pleasantly surprised how quickly the results will show up. By month's end your star is shining in the limelight, especially with work and career so get yourself prepped and ready for all this fabulous attention.  Eating meals at set times, not overdoing the sweets/starches, and including lots of lightly steamed greens will keep your system feeling light and regular. 

October is a month of connections and aspirations for you. The energy is asking you to focus on communication, inspiration and getting the little things organized and into place for some bigger picture happenings by the end of the year. This month may be busier than you expected, and this can take its toll on both your nervous system and your liver if you are not careful with the alcohol consumption. Your mind is at warp speed and when you get into your creative groove it can be hard to remember to eat and drink appropriately. Doing some meal prep on the weekend, stocking some healthy snacks to have on hand and buying some of your favorite herb teas to have within easy reach may be a way to minimize poor choices while busy. The nervous system needs support so a focus on magnesium rich foods as well as B vitamins and oily fish or fish oils can help to fortify your system. Soda water, kombucha and dandelion coffee/tea can also be great alternatives to caffeine or alcohol. Enjoy this month’s creative spark but remember your body needs to make it to the end of the month in one piece so please fill up your gas tank with some healthy choices. 

It's back to basics for you Virgos after all the festivities of celebrating your birthday and the equinox. The planetary energies are asking you to analyze and assess what is of value in your life and what needs to be released. I am not just talking about cleaning the house clean out but also a health cleanse as well. You are usually great at knowing what your body does and doesn’t want in its system and its time to take this to the next level of awareness. Think of October as planting the health seeds in your garden of what you want to manifest over the next 3-6 months. What is your long-term goal for your health and body and get this into a baby step actionable plan? Your intestines and their flow need some attention as well. Yoghurt and other cultured foods, fibre, green leafy veg, fennel and even some digestive bitters can all be of assistance. Probiotics, digestive teas and some deep breathing exercises or yoga can assist when the system feels a bit sluggish. You know how to take care of yourself, that is a Virgo birth right, its just time to slow things down a bit and remember to do all the amazing things you know you should do on a regular basis. 

Is your seat belt tight and secure? This month’s energy is all about you and your needs/wants. Birthday month is always a great time of year and this one is no exception. It will feel like all your hard work over the last 6 months is finally coming into flow and starting to show the results that you have rightfully earned. Forever the supporter of others in your life, October is asking you to reflect and act on what YOU want and need. There is a planetary party happening this month in Libra that needs some self-focused attention. Make a list or create a vision board about what you want the next year to look and feel like, the sky's the limit. Your adrenals are needing a bit of attention after all the stress of the last 6 months, herbs such as Ashwagandha, Ginseng and Rhodiola can all assist to recalibrate your overworked system. Alkaline foods such as spirulina, chlorella, and wheat grass can also support you at this time. Plenty of fluids, be it water, herbal teas, matcha and kombucha are great alternatives to wine and spirits. I know it’s your birthday month and if you want to celebrate with a few drinks, enjoy yourself but just remember that you need to alternate days of celebration with some healthy choices along the way. 

In the build up to your birthday its always an interesting month. It’s a time to reflect, to do some inner work and think about what you want the next year to be about. It’s a month to retreat from the world a bit and sweep out the inner house before the universe hits the restart button on your birthday. The immune system needs support during inner work time as what we call the lymphatic system is the cleansing part of our body gets to work and it is also part of our immune system. Herbal teas such as echinacea, calendula, dandelion and nettle can all be of assistance at this time. Citrus fruits, dark red and purple berries as well as pomegranates should also be on high rotation. Vitamin C, D and zinc are the focus nutrients for your body, be it with foods or supplements. As we head into the colder months of the year, think of October as your prep and preparation month much like the animal’s that stockpile what is needed before Winter. By the time the planets all move out of their retrograde cycles you will be feeling fabulous, and in your flow, November is looking like an exciting time ahead for you, you just need to do the prep work this month in order to be at your peak when it arrives. 

October brings with it a flurry of social activity and fun to your world. After what may have felt like a work and career focused few months it's time to put the party shoes on and let loose. I know, I know that’s like asking a DJ to keep playing their favorite songs as it doesn’t take much encouragement for a Sagittarius to have some outrageous fun, but this is also a reminder that it is good for the soul. Music is medicine this month, be it going out with friends or having your own dance party at home. The people and groups you connect with this month are an important part of your emotional wellbeing so don’t hide yourself away from the world. November is your hibernation month so make sure to enjoy the festivities of October before the universe asks you to prepare for Winter and the colder months ahead. With a full dance card, it can be easy to forget you need healthy food (and fluids) to get you through your days. If you are too busy to cook daily, maybe try meal prepping for the week ahead, ordering in a healthy meal delivery service or making sure there are healthy snacks to grab as you are on your way out the door. Be careful with the amount of alcohol you think your system can handle, try alternating drinks with sparkling water and remember that burning the candle at both ends can deplete your magnesium and B vitamin stores. 

 October is a month that will make you feel happily in your groove of career and achievement focus. The new moon on the 6th is highlighting your home sector of vocation and recognition so keep doing what you do best, and you will soon see some fabulous rewards for your hard work. The first half of the month is about details and daily work but by the 20th you will start to see the top of the mountain you have been climbing. October is also asking you to think of your health and physical body as a job too. You can’t bask in all your achievements if your health isn’t strong, so it's time to pay attention to what your body and soul is asking you to do to strengthen your vitality. It's time to get out the slow cooker and make some magic with root vegetables and hearty protein foods. The best thing for you is to cook in big batches so there are leftovers for a few days. Soups, stews, and maybe even a risotto will be great food to ground you and your physical endeavors. Daily walks or other exercise to remind you that you have a body and not just a hard-working brain. Exercise is also one of the best medicines for that melancholic mood that can weigh you down when you are overworked, as are herb teas such as ashwagandha, hypericum and rosehips. Nutrients to nourish you this month include calcium, coQ10 and magnesium. 

October’s energy should be feeling fun and electric for the water bearer. It’s a month to explore your boundaries be it of the body, mind, or soul. Your creative spark should be on high volume now and it’s a great time to invent and explore what you want the next 6 months to be about. Vision board, dream big but remember to include the details of the magic you want to create. It will be a fun month that gets busy by the 15th so make sure you remember that food is needed to fuel your system and fluids are essential to keep your brain going at its normal warp speed. Your nervous system is forever in need of support and this month is no exception. Healthy oils, B vitamins and magnesium rich foods should be on high rotation as should root vegetables to keep you grounded and focused. B12 foods and vitamin D to help prep you for the coming months of busyness are also in need.  If you are having trouble winding down to sleep, a bit of valerian tea or a digestive tea may assist in stopping you from fighting flight into digestion and relax nervous system flow. 

 October is a fascinating month as you find yourself swimming in the deep end of the pool as far as emotions and intuition are concerned. It’s a time to tap into your inner urges, deep psychological patterns and uncover what reinvention and release work you want to do.  It’s a fabulous month for a detox be it food, emotions, possessions, or friends. It's time to lighten your load on all levels and this in the end will feel liberating in ways you don’t even expect. Foods to help with this process are the blue, red and purples such as; pomegranate, berries, cabbage, kale and radicchio. Herbal teas such as elderberry, dandelion, echinacea and liquorice as well.  Maybe it's even time to find an infrared sauna to sit in or a good soak in an epsom salt bath. Dry skin brushing or a good coffee scrub exfoliation can add to the process as can plenty of filtered water with lemon or limes. You will find by month's end that you feel like a snake who has shed its old skin and will be ready to step into the next phase of what life is offering, enjoy!