April is National Stress Awareness Month and today is Stress Awareness Day.  Leave it to STRESS to hog an entire month and then expect its own special day!  

My favorite activities for alleviating stress are fiber arts, especially knitting.  There is something so relaxing about the rhythm and movement of knitting needles, and the visual and tactile pleasure of yarn.  I always have at least one project “on the needles” in my home – a welcome break any time of day.  And I carry a smaller project in my bag – for a quick escape on a bus ride, in a waiting room, between meetings, etc.

My favorite oasis in times of stress (or anytime!) is a yarn store.  It is such a pleasure to peruse all the beautiful colors and textures of fibers while imagining all the possibilities of future projects.  I also find that people in yarn stores are quite possibly the happiest people in the world, which brings an infectious boost to any mood.  And most local yarn stores are women-owned small businesses, which makes any visit a win-win. 

Tomorrow just happens to be Local Yarn Store (LYS) day … the day after Stress Awareness Day.  Coincidence? I think not.