Your vagina is home to billions of bacteria, so it is natural for your vagina to change the way it smells. The variation of smell can be affected by your menstrual cycle, your hygiene habits, your workout, or you just being you!

Not all vaginas are alike, and they certainly don't smell the same. 

Here are some clues as to what can change the way your vagina smells.

  • Tangy or fermented: This is due to the Lactobacilli maintaining an acidic environment and normal pH between 3.8-4.5.
  • Coppery or metallic: This is caused by iron in the blood, which has a metallic smell. You may notice this during your menstrual cycle of after sex
  • Rotten or like decaying flesh: Make sure there is nothing retained in the vagina like a condom or tampon. It happens, and you may forget that it's in there. If you can't remove it, call your doctor.
  • Fishy: Infections like BV and Trichomoniasis can cause a fishy smell.
  • BO: We have sweat glands all around the vulva, so stress, tight clothing, and working out can cause you to sweat and cause an odor.
  • Ammonia: Urine contains a byproduct of ammonia called urea. If it builds up around the vulva/vagina or in your underwear, it can give off a strong ammonia odor.

Here's to healthy, happy, vaginal smells!

With love, 

Dr. Jodie horton