Hi hi! Madi here again from the CX Desk. This February, we’re talking sex! 

  • “I have had a recurring yeast infection for the last 7 weeks. I have tried SO many different treatments, creams, diets, and probiotics. Does sex reintroduce yeast into the body? 
  • “Do condoms help prevent females from getting yeast infections from males?”
  • “My yeast infection keeps coming back — is it because when I have sex with my boyfriend, he does not use condoms?”

Taken right from the Love Wellness CX Desk, these are just a few examples of questions we frequently get from our community on sex and vaginal health (think: daily) — how sex of all kinds affects vaginal pH, the relationship between sex and yeast infections in particular, what can be done to prevent any pesky infections post-sex, and so much more.

During today’s takeover, we’d love to point you in the direction of a few fabulous, super-informative posts already up on The Club. 

For those having intercourse with males, the relationship between semen and vaginal pH can be …tricky. We recommend taking a peek at Wellness Advisor @Dr. Jodie Horton 's post on exactly this  — she shares a handful of helpful tips on how to reduce the chance of an infection post-sex, and how we can work to protect the delicate vaginal ecosystem. 

For anyone looking to learn more about vaginal microbiome imbalances in general, Dr. Horton also has a great deep dive into BV and yeast infections, which you can learn more about here!

Talking sex hygiene, check out Wellness Advisors @Dr. Shweta Desai's list of the 5 Things You Should Always Do Before Sex here, and her recent myth-busting discussion post on After-Sex Hygiene here!

There is so much fantastic content on all things sex and vaginal health here on The Love Club. And as we in CX know our community has questions, we invite you to take a scroll and engage with these! Talking pre and post-sex care, we would love to start a discussion in the comments — What are your go-to pre and post-sex tips for feeling fresh and healthy down there? What else do you want to know on the subject from our Advisors?