So the only negative thing that came out of my latest physical was that my LDL is borderline high. My HDL is good and my triglyceride numbers are good as well. I have already started getting more exercise, but I've never been a fan of cardio so that is something that I need to experiment with to find something that I either can tolerate or actually enjoy. I've been increasing my water intake as well as making healthier snacking choices. I'm already taking an Omega supplement as I am not a big seafood person and am cutting back on my red meat intake. I do not enjoy vegetables so I'm trying to at least incorporate more of the few that I do like (or can tolerate) into my diet. I am also going to start supplementing my fiber intake and taking turmeric. There is a history of heart issues on both sides of my family so I may have a genetic hurdle here as well.

Has anyone else had success with lowering their LDL cholesterol with diet and/or lifestyle changes?

Am I on the right track with my changes?

As Heart Disease is the leading cause of death in women, I want to make sure I get this in check while I'm still young (33)!