Hey Love Club! How's everyone's week going? For those of you that don't know me, I'm Lauren - the Founder and CEO of Love Wellness.

I've been wanting to do an Ask Me Anything with you all for a while now, so we are doing it! 

Reply to this post with your Q and I'll be on next Friday getting back to all of you! That rhymed 🤠

Check out the deets below:

  • Ask your question by 12pm est. Friday, October 23rd
  • Please refrain from asking any questions you might have about Love Wellness product and instead, reach out to our team of experts in Customer Experience - contact@lovewellness.com
  • I'll be replying to all of your questions on Friday, October 23rd @3pm est. See you then!!

Hit that reply button and add your question to this post!👇

xx, Lo