Egg freezing is a process in which reproductive technology is used to mature a batch of eggs using injected hormones, and then extracting them using a needle and freezing them for later use. When you are ready for use, the eggs are then thawed and combined with sperm to form an embryo which can then be implanted into a uterus for pregnancy. 

When considering egg freezing, it’s important to think about your current age, how many children you want, and the age range that you would like to have children. It’s a highly personal decision, but often is an investment in a safeguard that many women do not regret. During the egg freezing process, you inject several hormones similar to an IVF cycle. These can be associated with side effects such as weight gain, mood shifts, and bloating. Reach out to your OB/GYN or a fertility specialist to see if egg freezing is right for you!