I wasn’t always happy. I grew up in a rural area where I did not feel like I fit. I simply did not relate to the people around me. My family life wasn’t happy either. My mother was stressed. She worked full time and had 4 kids. My father had bouts of depression and anger. I was lonely and depressed as a teen and had episodes of depression into my early 30’s. But I was also a seeker. I found community in the books I read. I found love with the farm animals and pets I grew up with. Although my road to happiness has been long and rocky, I learned that I could get through hard times and grow from them. I learned that I have the power to make my life better. I learned that I am really more than okay. I learned to like myself. I learned to care for myself and honor myself. 

Are you happy with your health? 

Are you happy with your appearance?

Are you happy with your body?

Are you happy with your life?

Are you happy with your relationships?

What is stopping you from feeling happy? Where are you stuck? 

It is always good to address the physical side first. Eat healthy food. Take supplements and use other products as needed. Get enough sleep, exercise, etc. After that has been addressed, it is time to look at the more emotional and psychological aspects of happiness.

Did you know that your brain can re-wire at any age? Old thought patterns and emotional habits can be changed. One way to begin to change your way of perceiving is to set an intention. An intention is not what is, but what you wish, what you envision, what you want your future to be. A well-stated intention is empowering. 


Once you set an intention, the universe will start to bring you opportunities. You might find your world gets shaken up at first, as things begin to shift. But if you focus and practice, you will be led to find what you are seeking.  

Do things that bring you joy. Change what you can. Reframe what you cannot change. For example, if you are stuck doing something you don’t enjoy, find a way to make it pleasurable – like tell yourself that even though this isn’t your favorite job, you are building skills that you can use later.  

Perhaps you get stuck in situations you don’t want because you are afraid to change them? 

Tackle that fear. What are you afraid of?  What do you tell yourself? 

What you tell yourself is like a meditation. It is as if we have a blank screen and we fill it with whatever is habitual. Often what is habitual comes from our deeper beliefs. As we tackle these parts of ourselves, we begin to put different energy out. We become different. We begin to find our happiness.

With love,