Has anyone in the community been diagnosed with Interstitial Cystitis? I have been having very severe and ongoing symptoms that mimic UTIs. While sometimes I actually do have a UTI and other times, no culture or infection is found. I recently had a biopsy and cystoscopy as well as the removal of a growth, which has sense been declared as benign(thankfully) which have not shown very definitive results. I started having symptoms again about a week after the removal of the growth from my bladder. While my urologist believes that the inside of my bladder is not indicative of IC, other doctors are leaning toward diagnosing me with IC. I tried the IC diet previously and didn’t seem to have reduced symptoms. 

 It seems there is very little information and research still on IC. A doctor at Urgent Care today did inform me that it is primarily diagnosed in women more so than men. 

Wondering if anyone else here has been diagnosed with IC?  I have been in so many doctors offices and Urgent Care clinics over the past 6 months that I’m getting very discouraged.