I need help here. My mother recently left her husband and moved out of New York, to Virginia, and is staying in the house that I just bought with my boyfriend  while she looks for a house of her own. There was no reason for her to move out of state, her job (although she works remotely) is in new York along with the rest of my family.

before she moved, I recall asking her for $400 a month- which is only 25% of what is costs to maintain the house (mortgate+bills = $1600).


she wrote me a check this week for $300, and insisted that we agreed upon that amount and that she can hardly even afford it because she is trying to “hoard” her existing money in order to afford a house once she does purchase one. I’m also pretty broke- I just bought the house we’re in and have had to make repairs. 

am I the asshole for asking her for $400?