Exercise and movement are so important for great health. I recommend that women stay very active and keep moving for enhanced fertility. However, very high impact exercise such as running and heavy weightlifting can actually be hard on the female body. Running can weaken the uterine ligaments and affect the uterine alignment. I recommend a balanced approach to fitness that includes:

  • Aerobic exercise
  • Yoga
  • Stretching
  • Some strengthening

I also feel that we have such limited time in our lives for enjoyment that the fitness you choose should be something that you like, or better yet, love to do! You are more likely to do it regularly and will get more benefit from it if you enjoy it.

Creating a lifestyle with that work/life balance is essential for fertility prep for both you and your partner. You must create space in your lives for the new energy of a child to come in. As much as I may focus on the science and medicine with patients, I really see conception as a miracle and a spiritual gift. You are inviting a soul into your family. Create beauty, joy and love with your partner and restore the magic that brought you together as a couple. Enjoy your time together as a couple and intentionally create the type of family and life you want.  Then, invite the soul to come in.      

Remember, the child is an extension of your health in body, mind and spirit.

Enjoy the Adventure!

In my first post, A Naturopathic Approach to Fertility Enhancement, I introduced the several vital states that I take with my patients (and their partners) to prepare for and enhance fertility naturally. 

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What other questions do you have about fertility and fertility enhancement from the perspective of a Naturopath?

With love, 

Dr. G