Please note that I recommend you consult your physician before doing a detox to see if it is right for you and what your body needs!

In my first post, A Naturopathic Approach to Fertility Enhancement, I spoke about the several vital states that I take with my patients (and their partners) to prepare for and enhance fertility naturally. Today I'm going to be talking about the Detox Stage. I encourage the mother and father to do this detox together. This is the time to clear the body, mind and spirit of any interferences and things that no longer serve them. 

These are the 4 stages to my detox program:

Stage 1:  Detox Diet and Nutrition

My Detox Elixir Smoothie is designed to support the body's ability to eliminate toxins and absorb nutrients and is used as a meal replacement for breakfast. This is recommended for a minimum of one month and 3 months prior to conception is ideal. See the recipe HERE

Make sure you are eating organic, whole foods and eliminating sugar, food additives, alcohol, wheat/gluten and other allergenic foods.

Prenatal Supplement

You should begin taking a prenatal supplement at least one year prior to conception. The prenatal should be a food based vitamin and mineral formula that is high in nutrients such as Folic Acid, B12, B6, Iron, Calcium and the full spectrum of vitamins and minerals that support a healthy pregnancy.

A few factors to consider when choosing a prenatal are:

  1. A food based prenatal usually recommends 3-6 pills per day
  2. Use a prenatal that has Methylated Folic Acid and B vitamins for easier absorption and improved egg and genetic quality
  3. Minerals will make the daily dosing of the prenatal higher so you may need extra minerals at night
  4. Folic Acid should be at least 800mcg per day
  5. Vitamin A levels will be lower than in a typical multivitamin
  6. Most one-a-day prenatal formulas are synthetic. All medically prescribed prenatal formulas are synthetic and do not include the full spectrum of nutrients necessary for a healthy pregnancy

*For women who use the Birth Control Pill or Hormonal IUDs:   

The hormonal types of birth control deplete the body of Vitamin B12, Folic Acid, Vitamin B6 and Magnesium. All of these are essential nutrients for good health and for fertility and pregnancy.    When someone is taking hormonal contraceptives, I always recommend that they take a prenatal vitamin too. The prenatal vitamins are important for replenishing these specific nutrients and protecting you from depletion caused by the birth control.

Stage 2:  Detox Body

During the detox I recommend that you do exercise and body treatments to support your body’s ability to cleanse and release stress. The best exercise for detox is aerobics, yoga/stretching, and walking. The body treatments that support detoxification are things such as sauna, steam, massage, body scrubs, dry brushing, and acupuncture. Body treatments support your body while you are releasing toxins and stress.

Stage 3:  Detox Mind and Spirit

Detoxing the mind and spirit from stress, negativity and trauma can be very helpful during this time. I tell my patients that you must create energetic space for new energy to come in. This is the time to meditate and practice mindfulness. It is the time to forgive others and yourself. If you have had a loss or trauma this may be the time to explore counseling.  It is also a good time to heal any conflicts that you and your partner are experiencing. Create a fresh space for the energy of new life to come in by clearing out the old patterns that no longer serve you.

Stage 4:  Detox Lifestyle and Home

The home is a space of great energy and it is the place that you will be inviting the new energy in to your family. Clean the home, recycle unused items, and prepare your living space for a baby. Replace the household and personal care products that you have with organic products that are non-toxic. It's also time to unplug and have a little less screen time each day in order to improve your connections to your loved ones and self.

Stay tuned for article #3 where I'll dive deeper into this 5 Stage Approach and touch upon Mayan Abdominal Massages and the benefit it has to fertility.

With love, 

Dr. G