Have you got baby on the brain? It is not uncommon for me to see women come in to my practice and say that they want to start trying for a baby only to find that it takes longer than they had expected. There are many factors affecting fertility in both women and men. Now more than ever people are considering having children later in life.  As we get older, the reserve and quality of the eggs and sperm may decline. This has to do with the increased exposure to toxins in the environment.  Environmental toxins certainly are playing a huge roll in decreasing fertility in both women and men.  Other factors include:  Birth Control Use, Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, Uterine Fibroids, Hypothyroidism, and other Hormonal Imbalances. Older age and the problems listed above do not necessarily make women infertile. However, they do need to be identified and then treated appropriately.   

I encourage my patients that are interested in having children to consider preparing their bodies for conception for at least a year before they are wanting to conceive. This gives us time to prepare their body, mind and spirit for the Archetypal shift that they are going to experience into Motherhood. It allows them time to have optimal health before they make this transition.

There are some important things to consider when prepping your body for Pregnancy.  The Health of the mother and father at the point of conception is the starting point for the baby as far as its health and genetic destiny. So, I recommend that couples begin the preparation for pregnancy and conception about 1 year prior to when they want to begin trying to conceive.  This doesn’t always work out that way. However, when you are considering having a child, the sooner you make changes to your diet and lifestyle and the more time you have to prepare, the better.

The egg and the sperm start priming 3 months prior to conception.  So, if someone conceived today, the egg and sperm that have created this embryo began priming 3 months ago. Therefore, the health and all the lifestyle choices that they have made in the last 3 months have the potential to affect the genetic destiny of the child.   

There are many reasons to consider prepping for conception in a conscious way.   First, the health of the mother and father at the point of conception is the starting point for the health of the baby.  We now understand through the science of Epigenetic's that the baby's health is an extension of the parents health. Second, getting healthy before conceiving can support good lifestyle habits that you incorporate into your new family. Third, your body is the garden that little baby is going to be growing in - you want the garden to be full of organic nutrients, not toxins.   This will promote better health for the baby. Fourth, getting healthy and rejuvenated will allow you to enjoy a healthier pregnancy and a healthy pregnancy will most likely lead to healthier new motherhood, also known as the 4th trimester.   

There are several vital states that I take with my patients (and their partners) to prepare for and enhance fertility naturally:  


We want to start with a clean slate and an organic garden.   First, we must eliminate the toxins accumulated in the body. This will improve the quality of both the egg and the sperm. I recommend that the mother and father follow the detox protocol to enhance the genetic information being passed from the egg and sperm. Second, It creates an organic garden for the baby to grow in during the pregnancy.   Third, it preps you for a healthier pregnancy and motherhood.

Mayan Abdominal Massage

The Mayan Abdominal Massage is an ancient healing technique practiced in Central America among the Mayan Women. It helps to realign the uterus and ovaries. The proper position of the uterus and ovaries allows toxins and waste to be eliminated and nutrients and fresh blood to build up. It improves the mechanical ability of the egg to make its way through the fallopian tubes to the uterus. This is the technique that made me a “Fertility Expert”.  I learned it from the Midwives and Herbalists of Belize, Guatemala and Mexico.  

Building and Balancing

I do a thorough blood work up of the mother and father anywhere from 3-12 months prior to conception. During the time of the detox, I do a laboratory analysis for nutrient and vitamin level, general metabolic and health factors, and hormone levels. Once the results come in, I will customize a protocol that helps to fertilize the garden with the proper nutrients that she is depleted in. This is also the time that I balance the hormones to support the ability to conceive and maintain a healthy pregnancy. I also test the Thyroid and Adrenal Glands.  I see these at the gas tank and the battery. While you are pregnant the baby will be charging off your battery and gas tank. So, the fuller gas tank and the more charged your battery juice…the better charged baby will be! The fuller your tank and battery are the less likely you are to feel depleted and exhausted post birth and the less likely you are to feel postpartum depression symptoms.


Acupuncture can be a vital tool in prepping for fertility.  It can help to regulate the menstrual cycle and it can also help to reduce and regulate the stress of trying to conceive. It is so effective, that most fertility clinics will recommend it now to their patients. 

Exercise and Lifestyle

Getting proper exercise and restoring work/life balance are also essential factors in natural fertility preparation. Exercise can strengthen the body, create flexibility, oxygenate the tissues, and reduce stress. The work/life balance and reducing stress are important for balancing the hormones and reducing the stress hormones that can interfere with fertility and conception.  

In most cases, this 5 Stage Approach for Fertility Enhancement, with the proper amount of time allows most couples to conceive naturally and in a healthy way. In some cases a couple may need medical options for fertility.   If the natural approach doesn’t work, then I will refer to a fertility specialist.  The medical fertility treatments may be necessary for some couples but these treatments are not benign and can be toxic and very expensive. The natural approaches for fertility enhancement can support the medical treatments to work better and more efficiently.   They can also help to reduce the harmful side effects of the medications.  But most importantly, they help the couple get healthy before they become parents.

Stay tuned for article #2 where I'll dive deeper into this 5 Stage Approach.

With love, 

Dr. G